Fire-extinguishing unit

One major part of our delivery program are fire-extinguishing units espacially designed according to our clients requirements for various applications. 


On this page you may find out more about our products in general. 


For any kind of special requirement or execution please contact us, we will submit a suitable offer to you. 

Stationary or transportable fire-extinguishing units for marine and land application

We deliver the pump: 

  • with built-in priming stage or
  • with seperate evacuating unit for manual operation or remote start 


We deliver the diesel engine: 

  • air- or water-cooled with radiator, water-cooled with heat-exchanger
  • with 2nd starting equipments acc. to the rules of classifications for emergency fifi-units with following starting possibilities: 

manual - spring - electric - pneumatic - hydraulic-starters 



  • with electro motor 400 V / 50 Hz or 440 V / 60 Hz 
  • d.o.l. or star-delta starting 

Self priming hydraulic fire extinguishing system with big suction lift

Diesel driven


lower unit: 

centrifugal pump (1) coupled with haydraulic motor (2). Standard submerged design wt well installation centrifugal pump horizontal or vertical, normal suction or self priming with built-in air-stage depending on installation level. 


upper unit: 

as compact-unit. With diesel engine (3) air- or water cooled with radiator, for remote and direct start and possible with secondary starting equipment. 


Diesel engine ready assembled with hydraulic pump (4) and necessary fittings. The hydraulic tank (5) on the same base frame (6). Cooling of hydraulic oil with air- or seawater cooler (7). Fuel tank (8) in the base frame. 


Electrically driven: 

as described above, but upper unit driven by means of electric-motor (9) with switchboard (10). 


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