High Pressure Plunger Pump Flow Adjustable

Compact-unit with high pressure reciprocating Triplex pump electrically driven with explosion- and flame proof star delta switchboard with selfpriming feeder pump and suction stabilisator.

System equipped with hydraulic drive for stepless speed regulation

Sump Pump for Dry or Wet Well Installation


Vertical submerged drainage pumps for crude oil / condensate of gas and water with explosion- and flame proof electric motors. Production of pumps acc. to available pit.

Hydrophor Compact-Unit


Hydrophor Compact-Unit with following main components

  • selfpriming hydrophorpumps
  • galvanized hydrophor tank
  • drinking water treatment filter
  • UV-disinfection
  • calorifer with steam- and electric heating
  • circulating pump

FiFi-unit NFPA-20 with Vertical Shaft Turbine Type Pump


FiFi-pump unit acc. to NFPA 20 with deep well turbine pump

Q = 900 m³/h

H = 11 bar

with CAT-diesel engine and angle-gear-box

Containerized FiFi-unit for Special Application


Containerized FiFi-Pump Unit with diesel engine drive for universal operation e.g. on deck of carferry, storage on shore.

Electric Driven Fire Extinguishing Pump

FiFi-Unit 600 m³/h – 10 bar electric motor driven with star-delta starter, skid mounted

Marine Pumps


We deliver vertical marine centrifugal pumps inline or with axial floor pointed suction socket, non-self-priming or with self-priming compressed air ejector

Fire Fighting Pump Unit acc. to NFPA-20


Diesel-Engine driven fire extinguishing pump units acc. to NFPA-20 with CAT-diesel engine 649 kw, with heat exchanger cooling system

Q = 1600 m³/h

H = 105 m

n = 1800 rpm

Test before Delivery


On principle we put each diesel engine driven pump unit to a function test, and if required witness test by independent classification society as GL, BV, DNV, LR, Control-Co or,or.

Stationary FiFi-Pump


Skid-mounted fire extinguishing pump unit with endsuction radial splitted centrifugal pump with Scania diesel engine

Q = 600 m³/h 

H = 100 m 

n = 1800 RPM

Heavy Duty Process Pump acc. to API 610


Centreline – mounted single stage centrifugal pump acc. to API 610 Pump type OH2

Q = 54 m³/h

H = 160 m

n = 2980 /min.

Self Priming Diesel Engine Driven Centrifugal Pump


Endsuction single stage centrifugal pump with automatic pressure dependent self-priming device by means of magnetic clutch, diesel engine driven, skid-mounted.

FiFi-unit (Double Start)


Diesel engine driven fire extiguishing pump unit

Q = 500 m³/h

H = 110 m

n = 1500 RPM

Engine with two starting devices electrically 24 Volt and compressed air ready of operation. Unit skid-mounted.

Sewage Handling Pumps


Vertical submerged sewage handling pumps and dewatering pumps as described in our catalogue Group 4 page 3 + 35. Single production acc. to pit of end user.

Feeder Pump with Diesel Engine


Low pressure centifugal pump made of stainless steel Aisi 316 with manual evacuating pump. Diesel engine driven, aircooled with electric starter 12 Volt.

Pump with Vertical Tank


Small hydrophor unit with self-priming pump and vertical steel galvanized pressure tank.

Mobile Oilsludge Pump-Unit


Rotary lobe pump self-priming for oil sludge

Q = 570 m³/h

H = 2,5 bar

n = 500 RPM.

diesel engine driven with gear box 1500/500 rpm and clutch, with trailer for public roads 80 km/h with canopy.

FiFi-unit with Hydraulic Driven Feeder Pump


Diesel engine driven fifi booster pump set for FPSO-vessel.

Q = 1035 m³/h

H = 13 bar

MTU-engine 750 kw 1800 rpm with hydraulic power pac. to drive feeder pump.

Test of FiFi-unit

Hydraulicmotor driven feeder pump and a.m. diesel engine driven booster pump during testphase

Test of Special Pump-unit


Mobile high pressure pump-unit during test program with 2 pcs. triplex pumps

Q = 1516 RPM

P = 230 bar

driven by CAT-engine C32 Acert 708 kW, 1900 RPM. on trailer 80 km/h for public roads

Twin Screw Pump Diesel Engine Driven


Twin screw-pump for HFO, diesel oil and water with external bearings

Q = 80 m³/h

H = 32 m

n = 1500 RPM

Pump driven by 3-cylinder engine with spring starter. Unit on trailer one-axle, max. 25 km/h for non public roads. (photo shows unit without hoses)


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